Research project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer ProtectionConsent 2.0: Development and validation of recommendations in order to support consumers’ privacy consent

Project period:
August 2016 – November 2017

Supported by:
Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection

Consent plays a decisive role in German data protection law. Yet, studies show that consumers regularly give consent without having read, let alone understood the respective privacy policies of a website.

In a project supported by the German Federal Ministry for Justice and Consumer Protection, ConPolicy develops concrete recommendations on how to improve decision-making in situations of consent giving in online contexts, so that consumers are enabled to give informed consent and live up to their data sovereignty. The recommendations will be based on scientific literature in the domain of behavioral sciences and decision-making in online contexts. Behavioral experiments are used to empirically test their specific effects on informed consent giving.

The project is characterized by taking actual consumer behavior into account when developing practical policy recommendations. Finally, a close cooperation with ongoing efforts of stakeholders from industry and politics to create good consent forms is secured.


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Christian Thorun

Prof. Dr. Christian Thorun Managing Director

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Max Vetter

Dr. Max Vetter Project Manager Consumer Research

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