Report for the project Abida – Assessing Big DataBig Data in Public Transport Systems

Project period:
September 2017 – February 2018

Projekt Abida (Assessing Big Data)

Project partner:
The Living Lab for Connected Mobility (InnoZ)

ConPolicy and The Living Lab for Connected Mobility (InnoZ) conduct a study regarding the impacts of big data on public transport systems. The study is commissioned by the project consortium ABIDA (Assessing Big Data).

The study summarizes the current status and possible developments of big data for the providers of public transport systems as well as possible impacts on the users of public transport systems. InnoZ relys on their expertise and experience regarding mobility research for investigating possible applications of big data methods in public transport systems. For analyzing the implications on consumers – the users of public transport systems – ConPolicy conducts interviews with experts and carries out a representative study in Germany regarding this topic.

Concluding, findings of both partners will be drawn together and recommendations will be derived.

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